Hello! Dave Harrington Here...

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I am Combat Speed LLC... My primary focus is to have a positive influence on each and every training participant. This happens on many different levels.

The practical focus for any Combat Speed LLC training event is the mechanics of using semi-automatic firearms and the tactics, techniques & procedures for fighting with firearms.

Firearms training is inherently dangerous. Training participants are held responsible for their actions at all times and are required to apply specific reality-based safety concepts, and specific training guidance that is designed to mitigate the inherent danger of firearms training.

Your technical and tactical knowledge base, combined with your confidence in your ability to apply your knowledge, is the basis for every decision you make, and action you take to provide “the immediate tactical solution” in order to manage and control the “combat space” (regardless of the environment).

By design, I use firearms training as a vehicle to develop an individual’s mental capacities and physical abilities. When an individual is confronted with violence, and has decided that they are within their authority to apply lethal force, it simply becomes a matter of exactly how, and when to use the firearm effectively in the least amount of time to survive the encounter. Ask yourself, are you as prepared as possible?

I have developed a training methodology that creates the safest possible environment for each training participant to function as freely and professionally in training as they are expected to conduct themselves when using a firearm in any capacity, without placing themselves or anyone else at unnecessary risk.

This aspect alone enhances the individual’s confidence, mitigates the potential for “collateral damage” and increases their chances of surviving a hostile encounter.

If you are interested in hosting a training event, or participating in a scheduled training event, please shoot me an email at superdaveharrington@gmail.com.